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Jamie Maczko Actor
"Jamie Maczko is every director's dream - his sharp wit, consistent work ethic and generosity in rehearsal make for both a pleasurable and professional process. His strength as an actor is his grasp of the beautiful balance between raw sensitivity and precision with the text. He is not an actor to be reckoned with."
-Erin Heinze Kehoe, Director
"Jamie Maczko possesses the rare gift of unflinching confidence that; when combined with his natural passion and grace, results in raw and excruciatingly believable performances. His ability to delve deep into the human psyche, fully investigating every level of the characters he plays while maintaining his immediacy with scene partners sets him apart from other young actors. He is definitely one of Toronto’s up and coming talents."
-Wade Noble, Artistic Director Theatre Bassaris
"Jamie Maczko is a joy to work with. Brave and focussed. From one frame to the next he has the ability to be frightening, disarmingly charming and heartbreakingly vulnerable. He draws you in. A unique talent"
-Jane Maggs, Screenwriter
"Jamie Maczko is a talented and compelling young actor. He naturally owns what many actors strive for years to achieve; a sense of inner life and danger in the best way. He is dynamic, thoughtful and exciting. I teach acting to a lot of people but Jamie stands out as one of the real deals."
-Melee Hutton, Actor, Teacher
"A uniquely charming and compassionate performer"
-Jack Grinhaus, Bound To Create Theatre